Sigagro & Irrifarmer

Full Stack Web Developer


February '14 - April '15


May '14 - July '15


Sigagro (Argentina) and Irrifarmer (USA) are two sligthly different project in terms of audience geography and application structure but they both aim at helping Farmers using Center Pivot Irrigation to help manage their farms better by providing a highly interactive browser based web application based on digital maps where a farmer can log in and set up his equipment and farm in the application and manage all features including crop section management, equipment management, soil analysis, terrain analysis, weather analysis. All the data is crunched and plotted on aesthetically beautiful maps and graphs using Mapbox, Leaflet and Flot primarily.

Smart Admin Responsive Bootstrap theme ensures that the application works across platforms including desktops and tablets. Fullcalender plug-in serves a friendly drag and drop calendar where farmers can manage upcoming events. A simple in house forum helps them connect to support and other users such as equipment distributors and resellers. A chat system built using a simple front end Jquery chat plug-in and powered with Pusher for realtime messages serves as another mode for communication between users.


First class Freelancer, delivers on time, always on-line. Solves all the issues that show up in the project and offers solutions quickly. He is 200% motivated and never gives up.

~Julien Baudet




This is by far the biggest project I have taken single handedly in terms of scale and technologies used. I was the full stack developer and I managed the project from the ground up. I was responsible for designing and maintaining the database architecture for this project. I saw through the development of the back end web service to the client side application. I was responsible for learning how farmers in Argentina and USA work and how the pivot irrigation system works in order to come up with an application to server the farmers better.

I was responsible for learning a lot of third party libraries including client and server side libraries in order to make the features required in this project possible.


What I learned?

  • Persistence is key. While learning how to work with various libraries and frameworks I realized that persistence is the key factor to success. I would fail at times but I kept at it and made my way to learning a lot of good stuff I may be able to apply in the future
  • Rome wasn't built in one day. I realized that good things take time and so did this application. After putting hard work for 6 months, I wouldn't it call the system perfect, but it is pretty good.
  • Incremental progress is important. I learned that I cannot do it perfectly the first time. An application needs to designed, developed, analyzed and then designed again.


Technologies and libraries?

  • Smart Admin Theme: A responsive Bootstrap based theme.
  • Mapbox: Mapbox is a mapping platform for developers
  • Leaflet: A JavaScript library for interactive maps
  • Flot: Attractive JavaScript plotting for jQuery
  • Pusher: Leader in Realtime Technologies
  • Rivets: Lightweight and powerful data binding + templating solution for building modern web applications.
  • Full Calendar: A JavaScript event calendar. Customizable and open source.
  • Laravel: The PHP Framework For Web Artisans


Front End (AngularJS) Developer

December '14 - January '15

Hong Kong

A demo project for an upcoming startup from Hong Kong called Learning Tech Asia. They wanted to test my skills as a front end remote developer and specifically using the Superheroic JavaScript framework by Google, AngularJS. AngulAir was a demo project to show my feasibility as an AngularJS developer. It is a fake airline system using AngularJS and hence AngulAir. A user may browse flights, reserve them or unreserve previously reserved flights.

Very very professional freelancer. Great experience working with him via email.

~Han Rui


I was responsible for developing a simple front end application using AngularJS and demonstrating basic CRUD skills using the same. Other responsibilities included a decent frontend UI/UX, single page application and common exception handling.


What I learned?

  • AngularJS itself. I got familiar with the framework's components itself.
  • Got an insight on how single page application work and how client side routing is accomplished.
  • Developing a simple token based authentication system in the application gave me insight into how tokens work and how to use to authenticate users them when applications are totally decoupled from the back end.
  • Was briefly exposed to build systems like Gulp and Grunt.
  • Used Git to create branches to facilitate development by features and then finally learned how to merge them back to the master and resolve merge conflicts.


Full Stack Web Developer

November '14 - December '14


This was a cloud based Social Accounting System software developed using Laravel for the back end and a simple front end constructed using Bootstrap and Jquery. Users could transfer commodities via the application and also sell and buy the commodities on a virtual marketplace.

He is a very good programmer. My expectations were exceeded significantly. I will hire him again.

~Ingo Thor


I was a full stack developer and this project and handled both the front end development as well as the back end. I used Laravel for the back end and rendered the views from the back end itself. Bootstrap was used for making the views responsive and maintaining the layout. Simple jquery was applied to get the front end dynamic.


What I learned?

  • I learned how to manage front end views with Laravel.
  • Got familiar with Bootstrap's grid system.
  • Familiarized myself with Jquery's API.
  • Understood concepts like eager loading to avoid the n+1 problem while increasing performance.
  • Worked with different Linux flavors such as Ubuntu and CentOS to deploy the application.

Tipsycat (KYUB Developers)

Laravel (PHP) Developer

July '14 - August '14

New Delhi, India

Tipsycat was an event management company aiming to bring music artists and parties together on a platform for the general public to help them spot out events happening around their locality and figure out where their favorite artists are performing.


My job as a Back End lead was to develop a web service which would be consumed by the browser based and mobile application alike. I designed and maintained the database schema for the project. I opted for a PHP framwork which was new around the block but was gaining popularity quickly, Laravel and implemented a RESTful web service using the same.


What I learned?

  • Laravel and it's basic components such as routes, controllers, models, migrations, seeds, Eloquent ORM etc.
  • Worked around database schema where user roles were prominent.
  • How to use the command line to deploy a project.
  • I learned the basics of Git and used it for version controlling.
  • I also realized the importance of modular code and the significance of writing clean code.


PHP Developer

January '14 - April '14

New Delhi, India

ClassRebels was a startup based in New Delhi, India. It aimed at bringing teachers and students together on a common platform where teachers can share a timeline of their teaching process, upload assignments, accept feedback and the students can browse through daily activities, share notes & study material via a Virtual Library.


This was my first professional project as a developer. I took it up during the last semester of college. My responsibilities included developing a web service using core PHP. I was incharge of developing and maintaining the database schema and architecture of the application.


What I learned?

  • One of the things I learned during this project was about how to deal with failure.
  • Got a basic understanding of how modern day web applications function, what are web services, how web services communicate with the client side and much more.
  • I realized that everything cannot be built from scratch and third party frameworks and libraries must be used for rapid development.
  • RedBean PHP is an ORM which I implemented during this project and learned what is an ORM about and how it is used.
  • Autoloading
  • Importance of a version controlling tool.
  • Collaborating with other team members.